VishwaKarma Web Hosting Control Panel

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    VishwaKarma Web Hosting Control Panel

    VishwaKarma Web Hosting Control Panel

    My First Web Hosting Control Panel Vishwa Karma. This control panel was developed in palcom by Raj Mathur. At that time I was working as a tech support team member in palcom and have provided web hosting services to many clients using this control panel.

    VishwaKarma is a free Web-hosting control panel for GNU/Linux systems. It permits control of domains and e-mail accounts through a completely web-based interface, freeing server owners, reseller and domain owners from the need to login to the server and use command-line based tools.

    VishwaKarma’s features include

    Multiple, Cascading Levels of Authority
    Each of the following has his/her own menu and features:


    • Server owner
    • Resellers
    • Domain owner
    • Domain e-mail users

    Control cascades, so all facilities available at a particular level are also available to all levels above that one.

    LDAP-based accounts
    VishwaKarma uses LDAP-based authentication for domain e-mail users, avoiding cluttering up the system password file with virtual users.
    Multiple types of domains
    VishwaKarma supports the following domain types for maximum flexibility:


    • Hard (IP-based) domains
    • Soft (name-based) domains
    • Parked domains, which share their data with another existing domain
    • IP-only domains (without a name) for preview purposes
    Automatic system updates
    System files are automatically updated by high-privilege system programs, making HTTP, mail, FTP and mailing list management a snap
    VishwaKarma is absolutely free. It is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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